AS9100 Certification
Aerospace Management Standard

AS9100 Certification
Aerospace Management Standard

The aerospace industry has embraced and standardized the quality management system known as AS9100. As well as completely replacing AS9000 and incorporating the most recent version of ISO 9001, AS9100 also adds criteria for quality and safety. Doing business with the world's largest aerospace manufacturers and suppliers is subject to compliance with AS9100 and/or registration.

A certification for businesses called AS9100D is based on a standard called "Quality Management Systems - Requirements for Aviation, Space, and Defence Organisations" that was released by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). This standard updates the earlier version, AS9100C.

Organizations operating in the aerospace sector, such as suppliers, contractors, and manufacturers, are eligible for this accreditation. New regulations place an emphasis on preventing risk and fake parts, giving organizations a framework for adapting to change, preparing for obsolescence, and addressing product safety issues.

The specifications in this standard are not a substitute for any applicable or customer-side statutory or regulatory specifications. In cases of controversy, the customer's requirements or any applicable legal or regulatory requirements shall be given precedence.

Why AS9100 Certification is necessary?
  • It is essential for everyone who deals with suppliers and manufacturers of aerospace products. Many businesses in this industry will not work with a company unless they are AS9100 certified.

  • In fact, AS9100 certification is a requirement from NASA, the US Department of Defence, and aerospace heavyweights like Boeing and Lockheed Martin.

  • Additionally, AS9100 provides a universal aerospace manufacturing standard that the entire sector can accept.

    Advantages of AS9100 Certification

    • Enhance your internal procedures in accordance with AS 9100 to retain premium quality and meet client expectations.

    • Business operations must be monitored to increase productivity, make continuous improvements, and efficiency when implementing the AS9100 standard.

    • Make sure the products are reliable and safe.

    • Boost the profitability and balance sheet.

    • Boost international marketability

    • Reduces multiple evaluations and standardized use of one audit body in the aviation sector

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