ISO 20000
International IT Service Management Standard

ISO 20000
International IT Service Management Standard

The international standard for IT service management (ITSM), often known as ISO 20000, was developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and ICE (the International Electoral Commission). For ISO 20000 to be accepted as an international standard, the majority of its member countries must agree, earning it the respect of all countries.

The standard includes a number of management practices designed to make your delivery of IT services more effective (both to those within your business and to your customers). You can prove your company follows best practices with ISO 20000, which will raise the caliber of the IT services you provide and give you the methodology and framework you need to manage your ITSM.

Any firm, no matter how big or little, in any industry or region of the world that depends on IT services is eligible for the ISO/IEC 20000 Certification. Both internal and external IT service providers, such as IT departments and IT outsourcing companies, can benefit greatly from the standard.

Some of the top IT-dependent industries, including business process outsourcing, telecommunications, finance, and the public sector, are already seeing favorable effects from the standard.

Advantages of ISO 20000 Certification

  • The demand for services that are business-led rather than technology-driven has increased the responsiveness of IT service providers.

  • Enhanced incident management and a decrease in incidents

  • Enables you to choose and handle outside service providers more skillfully.

  • More chances to increase the effectiveness, consistency, and reliability of IT services, which affects prices and services

  • Increased client retention due to increased customer satisfaction

  • Costs can be cut by using the certification procedure to decrease the number of supplier audits.

  • The ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) framework of best practice recommendations for ITSM processes and ISO 20000 are completely interoperable.

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