ISO 18788
Private Security Operations Management System

ISO 18788
Private Security Operations Management System

A standard called ISO 18788 Management System for Private Security Company Operations lays out standards and offers advice for companies that carry out or hire security operations.

The Security Operations Management System (SOMS) establishment, implementation, operation, monitoring, review, maintenance, and improvement are all outlined in ISO 18788:2015. The framework for SOMS provided by ISO 18788 for business and risk management demonstrates the conduct of professional security operations to meet the needs of clients and other stakeholders, as well as accountability to the law, respect for human rights, and consistency with voluntary commitments to which subscribes.

The requirements and guiding principles of organizations acquiring security operations are established by ISO 18788. A framework for creating, implementing, running, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining, and enhancing a security operations management system is provided by ISO 18788.

It permits the expansion of security services while guaranteeing client protection and consideration for human rights. Certified ISO 18788 auditors make an effort to comprehend the organizational business and risk management framework for companies carrying out various security processes, as well as related activities and operations.

The importance of ISO 18788 rests on the organization's ability to observe proper legal and regulatory procedures and to support supply chain and business operations. Any type of organization involved in executing or contracting security activities can use ISO 18788.

Advantages of ISO 18788 Certification

  • Deliver products that continuously satisfy consumer needs and reliable, trustworthy services.

  • Recognise the effects that legal and regulatory obligations have on your business and its clients.

  • Problems can be avoided and fixed more easily as a result of increased uniformity and traceability of goods and services.

  • Certification opens opportunities because it is frequently a requirement for suppliers in procurement specifications.

  • Independent validation in accordance with a widely accepted industry standard says it all.

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