ISO 28000
Supply Chain Security

ISO 28000
Supply Chain Security

The requirements for establishing, putting into practise, sustaining, and enhancing a security management system (SeMS), including those elements pertinent to supply chain security, are laid forth in ISO 28000.

ISO 28000:2022 The ISO 28000:2007 Standard for security management systems for the supply chain is replaced by Security and Resilience - Security Management Systems - Requirements. The standard's name has been updated to underline that all businesses, regardless of kind, size, or industry, must adhere to the standards of ISO 28000. This applies to both supply chain organizations and non-supply chain organizations.

Given the unpredictable nature of security incidents, it is crucial for enterprises to take a proactive approach to security management. Organizations can identify their valuable assets using a security management system based on ISO 28000. and put in place suitable security procedures and controls to protect them

Advantages of ISO 28000 Certification

  • An ISO 28000 audit will assist in determining the potential hazards that security threats may pose to your personnel, cargo, and property.

  • The ISO 28000 certificate is evidence that your company takes both its own security and the security of the products it offers to clients.

  • Using ISO 28000 will enable you to immediately spot wasteful and ineffective resource management techniques.

  • The threat of fraud and piracy is reduced, improving operational effectiveness.

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