ISO 27701
Privacy Information Management System

ISO 27701
Privacy Information Management System

A privacy addition to the global information security management standard is ISO 27701:2019. The guidelines and requirements for creating, implementing, maintaining, and enhancing a privacy information management system are described in ISO 27701. (PIMS).

 The standard provides a number of privacy standards, regulations, and control objectives and is based on the demands, control objectives, and controls of the ISO 27001 standard.

Organizations with an active Information Security Management System are conversant with information security concepts (ISMS). The new PIMS will make sure that enterprises have thorough, broadly applicable data governance that directly corresponds to the legal requirements of their respective jurisdictions. In contrast to GDPR, ISO 27701 is a universal standard.

By integrating with ISO 27001, the Standard reduces complexity and eliminates the need to create and maintain separate information security and privacy management systems. You can either comply with it or certify to it. You can give stakeholders the extra assurance of an impartial validation of how you preserve privacy and manage personal information by obtaining the latter through an established certification authority.

Advantages of ISO 27701 Certification

  • Sufficient to take jurisdictional specifics into account.

  • Use ISO 27701 to demonstrate next-level data protection.

  • Incorporates the most recent information security best practices.

  • Encourages adherence to other privacy laws.

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