ISO 45001
Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems

ISO 45001
Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems

1. An organization's Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) is ensured by ISO 45001 certification in the United Arab Emirates. In the United Arab Emirates, occupational health and safety (ISO 45001:2018), a multidisciplinary approach to employee welfare, safety, and health, is becoming increasingly important.

2. Occupation Health and Management Systems is the acronym for OHSMS. The standard was developed from a number of publications and reports that specified the scope and quantity of safety-enhancing and risk-avoidance measures that had to be implemented.

3. It assists in the development of the policies, procedures, and controls required for the creation of a workplace free from hazards, thereby providing the framework for the construction of an Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

4. Organisations in the UAE that want to showcase their goods or services across all industries benefit from ISO certification. Even though workplace health and safety is a top priority for most businesses, accidents and fatalities still happen.

5. The first International Standard for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems is ISO 45001, Requirements with Guidance for Use.

Advantages of ISO 45001 Certification

  • Enhanced Worker Safety: The goals of ISO 45001 are to lower workplace risks, create a safe working environment, and stop accidents and illnesses related to the job. Given the UAE's diverse workforce and quickly expanding industrial sectors, this is essential.

  • Regulation Compliance: In the stringent regulatory climate of the United Arab Emirates, the certification guarantees that organisations abide by national and international health and safety laws and regulations.

  • Lower Workplace Risks: By assisting in the identification and management of health and safety hazards, ISO 45001 helps to ensure a safer workplace and prevent accidents.

  • Increased Employee Well-Being: Organisations in the UAE can increase employee morale and well-being, which will result in a more driven and effective workforce, by placing a high priority on employee health and safety.

  • Improved Reputation: An organization's dedication to upholding the highest standards of occupational health and safety is demonstrated by its ISO 45001 certification. This improves the company's standing in the cutthroat business environment of the United Arab Emirates

  • Cost Savings: ISO 45001 can result in significant cost savings for businesses in the UAE in terms of lower medical claims and insurance premiums by lowering the rate of accidents and health-related absences.

  • Proactive Risk Management: Rather than relying on reactive management following an incident, ISO 45001 promotes proactive management of health and safety risks.

  • Global Business Opportunities: Because ISO 45001 is globally recognised, businesses based in the UAE may be able to take advantage of these opportunities, especially in sectors where health and safety are critical.

  • Legal Protection: Adhering to ISO 45001 can lessen the possibility of fines and legal action while offering legal defence against accusations of health and safety negligence.

  • Continuous Improvement: To ensure ongoing improvements in occupational health and safety management, ISO 45001 promotes a continuous improvement culture.

    ISO 45001
    Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems

    1. Upon implementing the OHSMS within your company, you will need to undergo an audit in order to obtain the ISO 45001 certification.

    2. Prior to selecting an external certification body to conduct the audits, you must complete the application.

    3. After going over every certification requirement, you can schedule your audits appropriately.

    4. A few requirements must be met in order to become certified ISO 45001. Once the formality of documentation has been taken care of, following steps should be followed to acquire the certification:

    5. Internal auditing is done to confirm the information you entered on the form.

    6. Management Audit: To get a sense of the day-to-day operations, your organization's administration surveys the workforce.

    7. The reviewers from the certification body of your choice will carefully confirm whether the documentation satisfies the requirements for ISO 45001 certification in stage one, or the documentation survey.

    8.The second stage, known as the primary audit, involves confirming that your documentation complies with ISO 45001 certification requirements. This is accomplished by carefully examining reports, documents, and business procedures.

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