ISO 22000
Food Safety Management System

ISO 22000
Food Safety Management System

An international standard known as ISO 22000 Certification spells out what is needed for a food safety management system to include all businesses involved in the "farm to fork" food supply chain. The standard incorporates widely acknowledged essential components to guarantee food safety across the food chain.

The complete process of steps and actions involved in producing and consuming food products is known as the food chain. This covers each stage of production, from the start to the end use. To be more precise, it covers all stages of food and ingredient production, processing, distribution, storage, and handling.

The food chain also includes businesses that don't deal with food directly. Among them are businesses that make feed for both food-producing animals and animals that will be utilized as food. Organizations that create products that will eventually come into contact with food or food ingredients are also included.

Companies wishing to integrate their food safety management system and their quality management system, such as ISO 9001, can obtain ISO 22000:2005 certification.

Advantages of ISO22000 Certification

  • The ISO 22000 Standard gives up opportunities for you to expand your firm by implementing internationally recognised business practices.

  • Ensures the effectiveness of your management system for food safety and your hazard control procedures.

  • Facilitating the acquisition of points in tender contests and financial access.

  • Making decisions based on facts

  • Successful supplier relationships

  • Keep your systems updated and improved to ensure their effectiveness.

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