ISO 24143
Information Governance

ISO 24143
Information Governance

Information governance is the creation of a framework for decision-making and accountability that establishes acceptable practices for the production, assessment, use, sharing, archiving, and deletion of information. It includes all of the guidelines for the efficient and effective use of information within an organization in order to achieve its goals, including policies, standards, procedures, metrics, and roles. Information governance is sufficiently all-encompassing to serve as a reasonable umbrella phrase. This implies that there is some disagreement over what that term actually means, though. As a result, similar terminology for related fields of study and technologies is also common. Information management, data governance, and data lifecycle management are all included.

Advantages of ISO 24143 Certification

The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) released ISO 24143:2022 in May of 2022. Information and documentation, as well as the concepts and guiding principles of information governance, give the discipline of information governance the requisite legitimacy. But it might be significantly improved by drawing on earlier ISO foundational work.

The standard touches upon various aspects of governance such as:

  • Data Management

  • Information Management

  • Knowledge Management

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Digital Preservation

  • Information Security

  • Enterprise Architecture

  • Data Protection

  • Data classification

  • Big Data and Open date

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Blockchain

  • Business Processes

  • Quality Management.

    Should you go for
    ISO 24143 Information Governance Certification?

    Every leader looking to increase their organization's support for their information governance programme should have a look at the ISO 24143 information governance publication from the International Organisation for Standardisation (or "ISO"). Although ISO 24143 does not significantly advance the state of the art, stakeholders may use it to get internal support and financing for improved information governance capabilities.  This is because corporate executives recognise and respect ISO for establishing official quality standards.  A strong data governance is ideally recommended to subjugate an effective information governance system. Therefore, adding this new standard in their strategic plans may be beneficial for information and records management experts.Compliance with 27001/2 and 27701 is mandated by ISO 24143. Taking this further, ISO 15489:2016 Information and documentation and Records management, a standard for records management, may also be required to be followed in addition to ISO 24143.

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