ISO 20121
Event Sustainability Certification

ISO 20121
Event Sustainability Certification

The ISO 20121 accreditation is made to provide direction and best practices to assist you manage your event's environmental and social effect while increasing its sustainability. To make sure the standard is as practical and helpful as possible, it was developed with input from a variety of stakeholders, including representatives from the event industry.

The primary standard certification for sustainable events and associated management systems is ISO 20121. No matter the size or type of the event, you can make it more sustainable with the ISO 20121 certification.

The holding of events can frequently have a negative impact on resources and the environment and lead to the production of a large amount of garbage. By easing the burden on local utilities and infrastructure, this international norm aims to lessen friction in the areas where events are held.

The ISO 20121 management system helps your company set and accomplish important goals as well as help you put new policies and practices into place so that your event sustainability is best in class.

The standard provides monitoring and measuring instructions and covers all phases of an event's supply chain.

Adopting ISO 20121 will benefit environmental issues as well as increase the event industry's profitability and competitiveness. From the domestic local festival to the London Olympics 2012 and Paralympics events, it has shown a wide range of benefits by reducing the impact on local communities and cost savings through limiting the waste generated and energy savings.

The company shows how its efforts to protect the environment and local communities help it secure contracts and give it a competitive advantage over other event planners by gaining ISO 20121 accreditation.


Advantages of ISO 20121 Certification

  • For enhancing the organization's reputation, cultivate a good relationship with the company's partners, clients, and other stakeholders.

  • Improve energy and waste management to cut expenses

  • A better-matched workforce and plan will increase the task's efficacy.

  • Incorporate ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards for even better results.

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