ISO 23053:2022
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Systems Using Machine Learning (ML)

ISO 23053:2022
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Systems Using Machine Learning (ML)

While many new ISO standards evolve due to the growing derivatives on Technology and innovation, one such standard is the ISO 23053 :2022 - A framework for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Systems using Machine Learning (ML). This new standard issued by ISO (International Organization for standardization) shows us a guidance to deploy various Machine learning techniques within the AI ecosystem.

In terms of governance of the technology involved, various risk factors to be identified and addressed, this ISO Standards serves as one of the most eligible tools to various organizations, including the Private as well as government institutions that actively embrace AI technology. Some of the key attributes of the standard to who wants to get certified under this ISO Standard are the classification model, regression model, back propagation, learning rate etc. 

Advantages of ISO/IEC 23053:2022 Certification

  • Enhanced technology deployment control

  • Better data security and privacy

  • Ethical considerations and Risk Management

  • Interoperability and Compatibility

  • Enhanced value addition and Risk redressal mechanics

  • Improved structural governance model

    Make no mistake, the era of Machine Learning, Artificial intelligence and information governance is upon us.

    The big question is how are we going to implement this and reap the benefits in our business process with the AI and ML ecosystem. Contact us for our in-house experts to assist you developing the framework, identifying the applicability, do the model development and obtain the ISO 25053 Certification for Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning.